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Drone Vista UAS operators are licensed with the FAA. But using drones for data collection is about more than just piloting. The images are only useful if well processed and correlated. The people behind Drone Vistas have years of experience in data collection and processing technologies such as GPS, GIS/CAD mapping, and computer modeling. The industries we come from include but are not limited to environmental consulting, geotechnical field collection, construction oversight, site reconnaissance. We have a deep understanding of client needs and efficient data collection and processing.

We believe that accurate and useful data does not need to require large amounts of time or money. Every effort is made to offer cost-effect and straight forward work plans and final data products.

The cameras we use have a minimum of 4k resolution. However, we make every attempt to shoot photos in 6k. This includes orthomosaics, 3D models, and other still photography. The increased resolution provides amazing detail in these products. The high resolution and a 1" CCD sensor in our cameras, allows us to get down to <1 GSD (ground sampling distance). An orthomosaic with 1 GSD means that each pixel represents 1 cm linearly on the ground.  Standard municiple generated orthomosaics may have a GSD on the order of 16 cm to 30 cm (0.5ft to 1ft).

We can provide a range of geolocation accuracy depending on your time and budget.